EMA Group, with the responsibility of being the first and the leader firm of Turkey in wood finishing systems with Roller Coater machine, has been serving to wood, furniture and parquet sectors for a long time. After a long preparation period, by using “Wood Finishing Systems” which was formed by Roller Coater technology in its R&D activities, EMA Group presents competition advantage to the other firms in the sector. EMA puts into practice recent technology successfully by analyzing the requirements of the sector with its long term experience and responsibility of being a manufacturer.

This extensive system is formed by Roller Coater, Roller Printing, Roller Filling, Jet-Air, UV Curing, Conveyor, Scotch Bride, Brushing, Staining, Sanding, Calibrating, Automatic Oscillated Spray (as a distributor) machines.

Moreover, it supplies care service to the sector by getting agencies of expert firms in the surface finishing process.

Information about the other machines manufactured in the Ema Group:

In general, it is used for painting materials with flat surfaces and UV lacquer application. The ink or lacquer is transmitted to materials and spread homogeneously with the help of two rollers. Roller Coaters are manufactured in various sizes for the materials with the width of 800-1400-2400 mm .
It is used to give materials like MDF, chipboard a wooden appearance or to print various patterns. The printing process is similar to roller coater principle but the patterns are formed by the help of a “hard chrome applied engraved roller”. Then the pattern is transferred to the application roller. After Roller Printing process, the material has the final look that is intended.
This machine is designed for drying water, etc based paints. Hot air is blown to the material. It has a modular construction so that the drying length and period can be determined according to the structure of the chemical. Alternative heating energies (as natural gas, electricity, etc.) can be preferred by the customer. Closed circuit hot air circulation for each module provides heating homogeneity and energy save as well as the heat isolated body of the machine. It is possible to dry paints on the materials like chipboard, MDF and duralite with the thickness of 2 to 80 mm. The conveyor speed is 5 to 25 m/min.
The machine cures UV paints and varnishes that is applied on the material. Gallium and mercury UV lamps are used for the curing process. It provides time saving, speed, and good quality of surface for the customers. UV Curing system gets an ideal result on the final finishing and on the varnishes to be cured. It is possible to cure flat or angled surfaces with the help of the UV lamps that are placed with the proper angles.
The process is similar to the roller coater principle but the filling chemical is first spread and then dispersed on the material by the help of a hard chrome applied roller. This process has a great advantage when working with materials like chipboard that has a rough surface. The material absorbs the filling chemical and reaches a smooth surface. Then ink or lacquer can be applied easily onto this smooth surface with a minimized consumption.