MoreLight UV lamps are manufactured with an automation using high clarity vitreous silica (quartz) to ensure high-intensity UV radiation. Mercury, mercury gallium and metal halide UV lamps are developed to meet the specific needs of UV curing machines with an extensive product range.

It is possible to manufacture MoreLight UV lamps with an arc length of 10 to 240 cm and with a power output of 40 to 600 W/cm.

1000 operation hours are guaranteed for each lamp.

MoreLight UV lamps are used in various industries including paper, packaging, plastics, marble, wood, cd&dvd presses, fiberoptics, etc. The machineries used in these industries can be classified as: UV flexography and letterpress label printing dryers, UV offset and screen printing dryers (with or without conveyor equipment), marble UV dryers, plastic can UV dryers, furniture edge – tiled floor – laminated floor UV lacquer and ink dryers, duralite – MDF– chipboard (applied on roller coater systems) UV lacquer and ink dryers.

Below list summarizes some of the printing and drying machine manufacturers. MoreLight UV lamps can be supplied for the machineries of all these manufacturers.

EMA UV, Abbess. Adnos. Advancing Aetec. Agfa. Aktilux. Amba. American Ultraviolet. Aradiant. Argon. Argus. Anja. Aquatron. Amjo · Barberan. Beltron. Berkey. Brewer. Burgess. BLV. Cefla.. Chambon. Colight. Comco. · C Sun · Colordry · Dainippon. Distrilamp. DPL. Dubuit Dupont . Elsemann . Eltosch. EYE. FDS. Gallus. GEW. Giardina .GS. Happa. Hackemack. Hanovia. Honle. Idealquartz. IST. IVT. Iwasaki. Japenese Storage Battery. Klemm. Khunast. Kammann. Klemm. Kopack. Linacon. Mark Andy. Muller. Natgraph. Nilpeter. Nolle. Nuarc. Offset. Olec. Osmo. ORC. Parker. Phillips. Polytype. MORE LIGHT. Printconcept. SPS. SPE. Sanki. Schneider. Screen. Serifasp· Siasprint· Spectral. Starna. Svecia. Steinemann. Superfici. Sutter. Technidry. Technigraf. Texel. Theimer. Thieme. Van Keulen. Siasprint. Uviterno. UV Products. UV Technology. UV Systems. Ushio. Van Dam. Wallace Knight. · Walter Reynolds

You can find another list below for some of the label printing machine manufacturers and their models that MoreLight UV lamps can be supplied for.









170/180 Bottom


170/180 Top


B 200

B 200

B 280


1282 AFCD

1079 AFCD

662 AFC

663 AFCD



The spectrums for most common type of MoreLight UV lamps are given below.



Mercury vapor UV lamp has a broad range of use while being suitable for all known UV curing systems. The effective spectrum value for this lamp is about 365 nm (nanometer).

Metal halide UV lamps have a wider effective spectrum value of 340 to 440 nm with a higher curing efficiency of UV lacquers and inks.

The spectrum value of gallium UV lamps is 400 to 430 nm. These lamps are used for utilizing energy transfer deeply through UV chemicals. Gallium UV lamps are preferred in wood and marble industries.

UV Lamp Operation and Maintenance:

UV lights in high density are hazardous for the living cell. Thus, while working with UV, eyes and naked skin should be protected from direct lights.

As oil and salt can be detrimental for the UV lamps, the lamps should be kept clean and should not be touched. If touched, they should be cleaned by alcohol before operating.

The operating conditions for the UV lamps have a high effect on the life time of the lamp. The life time will be reduced when operating on bad conditions.

The UV lamps have the most effective curing capacity for the first 700 operating hours. After 700 hours their capacity starts to become weaker. A UV lamp can be operated for 1500 – 2000 hours when the required operating conditions are reached.

The frequency of start-stop operations also has an effect on the life time of the lamp. To operate the lamp in stand-by mode or on minimum power step instead of start-stop operation for short time intervals will be reasonable as means of reducing this frequency.