Ema UV drying systems present various solutions with different designs to dry all kind of UV inks and varnishes used in printing and packaging industries. Ema produces various kinds of specific UV drying systems as well as standard UV systems compatible with printing machines.

Ema offset UV drying systems are designed to be adaptable to offset printing machines. Ema UV offset drying systems are developed to be compatible to various brand names and dimensions. They have the drying sizes from A4 to 100x140 cm.
Ema Screen printing UV drying systems can be used with every kind of screen printing machines: manual, semi automatic or full automatic. IR or hot air modules can be added depending on the process and chemical structure. They have the drying size from A4 to 200x300 cm.
Ema Label UV Drying Systems have been designed for the printing machines from bobbin to bobbin for every kind of brand name and model in various dimensions. There are Ema UV drying systems for flexo, offset, letterpress printing with the width of 10 to 200 cm .
Emagroup UV Incs has a wide product range of UV Inks: offset, flexo and letterpress applications. Ema always has enough stock level of every kind of inks which can meet every kind of customer demands.
Emagroup UV varnishes which are suitable for offset, flexo, screen printing are produced and sold to domestic and foreign markets by GAMI A.Ş., a company of Ema Group.
MoreLight UV lamps are produced for every kind of UV machines as well as UV dryers.