To begin with, EMA developed the first innovated label UV curing in Turkey. The knowledge in UV (ultraviolet) & IR (infrared) technology have made many advantageous to be able to engage into the other alternative solutions in curing & drying projects. EMA is leading on its way with the philosophy ‘ To make your life easy and happy’ . The development in machinery manufacturing in UV curing technology and EMA as to be a solution provider , has brought many opportunity for the group to be involved in UV varnish production as well.

Being a part of very diversified business has always played a very important role in developing our knowledge and technical culture background .To gather different demands or needs from different fields has become a key of our success to be the fastest solution for the customer satisfaction , which makes EMA group different than the others.

EMA maintains its activities in very diverse fields such as Printing & Packaging , Wood, Marble, Aluminium Profile Integrated factories, UV Varnish besides some turn-key projects over 35 countries since 1993. We always stay on behalf you.